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Upon entering Fortunecaster you will be asked to clear your mind and then focus on an event, person or thing (Figure 1). Your subject of focus can be as specific as you like. You can focus on yourself or someone else in your life. If you are concentrating on an event, it can be something coming up in the future or situation that you are currently involved in. If you are focusing on a thing, it might be a material item you desire or something more abstract, such as a promotion or health.

Once your mind is foucused on a subject, you will be asked to press and hold the oval located at the bottom of the Fortunecaster frame. Your thumb or index finger will work fine, as long as there is a physical conection between you and the Fortunecaster. At this point, the reading process will begin and your Skycard will be drawn (Figure 2 & 3).

The Skycard acts as a reading based on your subject of focus. Common attributes of the Skycard are a colored border and an center region that exposes an atmoshphere. Most often, symbols and/or messages will also accomodate your reading. A detailed meanigs list is included to help you interpret the meanings of colors, numbers, symbols or athmospheric conditions (Figure 4 & 5). You can scroll down below the Fortunecaster frame to view the meanings list after your reading is given.

The readings given on Fortunecaster are intended to be interpreted at your own discretion and risk.


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spacerFigure 2 (Drawn Skycard Example)

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spacerFigure 3 (Drawn Skycard Example)

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spacerFigure 4 (Meanings Example)

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